Semi Dice, Inc.

Company Profile: Semi Dice, Inc.

Fall 2005 Who Is Semi Dice?
Jerry Flynt, founder, owner and President of Semi Dice started the company in his garage in Long Beach, California in 1976. From that date, the company has continued to grow and flourish over the years. It’s a tight-knit, clean and very efficient operation which enables us to pass along competitive prices to our customers. Semi Dice rarely loses an order due to price and although our competition grouses about it – the plain fact is, we run a more efficient operation. We have 42 top-notch, well-trained, professional employees whose average tenure here at Semi Dice is 17 years. The company has consciously chosen to retain only the best and brightest in management and throughout the ranks of Semi Dice. The employees are of the highest caliber, which is primarily why we are so successful. There hasn’t been one singular person responsible for our historical presence in the industry or for our reputation of today – it’s been the entire Semi Dice team that has earned the successes we are enjoying today. Employees at the corporate headquarters range from singles, to married couples and lots of families with children. We are ethnically diverse and our co-workers at Semi Dice East, our Massachusetts sales support office are a great group of people who have been with us and supported the company for years. Jerry Flynt started with an idea that has evolved over the years and continues to this day; his company offers a service in a niche market that requires the painstaking handling of micro-miniature unencapsulated semiconductors for a reasonable profit, while providing a safe place for its employees to earn a living and receive benefits not typically offered at a small company. Read on about who we are…..

Being Pure and Staying That Way
We are constantly asked why we will not entertain packaging business. Yes, it would be a lucrative business for us and certainly add to the bottom line. And, since we already have the capability to package product for LAT acceptance purposes we could easily venture into the packaging business. The bottom line is this – no. We refuse to compete with our customers and take away business from them. It’s just not going to happen. We want to stay focused on bare die. We do not have any interest in eating away at our customers profits. We will leave that to our competitors. They have chosen their path and we have chosen ours. Ours is to support our customer base by providing bare die products and wafer processing services. An integral part of that support is being able to offer high quality products and services at a competitive price. It’s basic, good business sense. We stick to what we do best. We are focused and we don’t dilute our efforts chasing after the same business that our customers do. We are a pure, bare die distributor that cares about our customers. That’s who we are.