Product Change Notices

The following PCN alerts are the current notifications we have received from our semiconductor partners. If you have any questions regarding these updates, please call a SemiDice salesperson or click the link below.

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Microchip End-of-Life (EOL) Notification for MFOL-14VRHS484

Wolfspeed Adds Process Control Monitor (PCM) Electrical Structures to All North Carolina Facility (NCF) and Mohawk Facility (MVF) Schottky Die Wafers

Wolfspeed SiC devices with increased Ti thickness in the topside Ti/TiN/AlCu metal layer

Vishay cage code PCNS


Fairchild Wafer Fabrication and Wafer Size Change

Fairchild Data Book change 2N7002

Central Semiconductor CP707 to CP727V (die and geometry change)

-Knowles Novacap C0GNPO Dielectric Introduction

ON Semiconductor TCAW0372 Wafer Size Change

Vishay Dale Resistor Series Consolidation of Mfg. Lines

Vishay PLT Series Resistors, singulation process change

Novacap Commercial Product Mfg. Location Change

Central Geometry CP188 & CP588 changed to CP388 & CP788 (die shrink)

Central Geometry CP517 changed to CP527 (Die Shrink)

Fairchild lists products that will move from 5″& 6″ to 6″& 8″ wafer fabs

Fairchild lists products that will remain on 6″ fab in Salt Lake, not move to 8″ fab

Vishay Schottky Diodes moving to 6″ wafers. No die size change

Vishay IRLC110B, 440B, 220B fab site Change

Vishay lists products with additional fab capacity at Tower Jazz fab in Israel

Vishay Schottky Diodes moving to 6″ wafers. No die size change

Fairchild PCN on P/N PCF76129 from ASMC fab to Mountain Top fab

Central Geometry CP207 changed to CP396V (slight die shrink)

Central Geometry CP716V changed to CP736V ( die shrink)

ADI PCN: AD590 Mask Revision

ADI PCN: AD549 ESD Improvement

PCN_0359 ONSemi MainDoc_P722AAB_53127

ON Semi MainDoc_P723AAB_53164

Microsemi Lawrence Chips_MSP16-006

CREE (Wolfspeed) PCN-PW060


Microsemi Final_PDN_for_1N4614-1

Microsemi DPG-RFMW-TS_2018-001_PDN_Letter


ON Semi PCN# PD22098X


Cree PCN-PW062

Cree PCN-PW065

Microsemi PDN# 306396

Cree PCN-PW063

Microsemi Zener Diodes

Analog Devices AD827

Cree PCN PW071

Cree PCN PW072

Vishay PCN SIL-0112018

Central Semi PCN165


ON Semi/Fairchild PDN PD22637X

Microsemi PCN 2019-04-0001

Vishay PCN-sil-0052019

ON Semi PD22748XB





Microchip PCN SG Products

Microchip PDN SG Die

Central Semi PDN01138

ON GA23417

ON PD23299X

TI PCN 07292020

ON PD23406Z

Central Semi PDN01162

ADI PDN 20_0054 Rev A

Cree PCN 1149

Cree PCN 1227

Cree PCN 0968

Cree PCN 1165

Cree PCN 1284