End of Life Notices

Product obsolescence is a fact of semiconductor life that can be difficult to navigate. SemiDice can assist you in several ways. Not only do we notify customers when parts purchased from us are going obsolete, but we can also go in for last time buys and secure product from the manufacturers then schedule deliveries according to our customers needs. As well, we gladly assist on finding alternate design-ins with full factory support to finding suitable replacements for most applications.

Disclaimer: While we strive to provide a thorough and complete list, this may not represent the entire list of bare die products going obsolete. We encourage you to contact a SemiDice sales representative for further EOL information.

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ADI EOL Multiple Items. LTB Jan 26, 2015

Vishay Siliconix End of Life P/N TNCB2DWF Replacement is Si4420BDWF

Analog Devices Product Discontinuance, 81 page searchable listing 1/29/2015 LTB date

ADI Discontinuance of AD7510, AD7512, ADG201HS, ADG508A, ADG202A, ADG904

ADI Discontinuance of AD582KCHIPS

Microsemi PDN MSP16-006

Central Semi PDN01059

Microsemi PDN – 2n2857UB

ON Semi – PDN22357X

Vishay EOL IRFC430