Semi Dice: Wafer Processing Experts

Even if your company has the internal resources to dice/saw, load and visual the purchased wafer product, in some cases it may be more cost effective, quicker and less disruptive to your manufacturing process to have any outside supplier handle this requirement.

Mapping, inking, and sawing up to 12″ wafers then correctly loading bare die requires expertise gained from years of dicing large quantities and successfully processing wafers into singulated die form. In the 40 years Semi Dice has been assisting customers with their wafer processing needs, we have seen many unique, difficult and interesting requests. We have cut different size die on a single wafer, visually inspect product to customer supplied visual criteria, loaded product into special carrier (including Gel Pak), assisted customers with broken wafers, diced and orientated some of the industries smallest devices, pulled die from specific wafer areas and loaded correspondingly and many other challenging requirements, We have supported semiconductor manufacturers when demand outpaced their own internal capabilities.

Major semiconductor manufacturers, such as Analog Devices, Wolfspeed (Cree), National Semiconductor and Microsemi have franchised and authorized Semi Dice as their sole source of supply for bare die products. They understand the intricacies of wafer processing and chosen Semi Dice to maintain the excellent quality reputations they have earned.

In addition, Semi Dice processes more bare die product from ON Semiconductor, International Rectifier, National Semiconductor, Micron, Central Semiconductor and Fairchild Semiconductor that any other die house. In other words, we have been processing more bare die product longer and better than anyone else.

It makes sense to contact Semi Dice. After all, what other die processor has been slicing and dicing for 40 years? Semi Dice has earned the reputations of providing top service, fair pricing and excellent quality. Give us (the wafer processing experts) an opportunity to demonstrate our skill. Let us show you what we do best. By doing so, it will assist your company in what you do best. Again the next time you are faced with a tight delivery deadline, a budget, capacity constraints or even a one-time requirement, call 562.594.4631 and ask to speak to the Semi Dice wafer processing specialist.