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International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS)

Ag Silver
Al Aluminum
Au Gold
Bare Die Unpackaged integrated circuit die
Bumped Die Unpackaged integrated circuit that has interconnect material formed in contact with the I/O to allow flip-chip attachment.
COB (Chip on Board) A bare die that is attached to a rigid substrate face up and electrically interconnected to the substrate using wire bond technology.
COF (Chip on Flex) A bare die that is attached to a flexible laminate substrate active side up and electrically interconnected to the substrate,using wire bond technology.
CSP Chip Scale Package
C4 Controlled-Collapse Chip Connection
DCA Direct Chip Attachment
DPC Die Product Consortia
EMI Electromagnetic Interference
ESD Electrostatic Discharge
Eutectic Solder 63% Tin, 37% Lead
FCP Few Chip Package
Film Frame Sawn wafer on sticky tape supported by a metal frame
Flip Chip A method for electrically interconnecting unpackaged die active side down with a conductive bump to the substrate.
Gel-Pak® Plastic trays used to ship unpackaged die. The die is held in place by surface tension of membrane. A vacuum chuck is,required to reduce surface tension and remove die.
HDI High Density Interconnect
I/O Input/Output
IC Integrated Circuit
JEDEC Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council
LTCC Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic
MCM Multi-Chip Module
MCP Multi-Chip Package
MIL-STD-883 Military standard defining test methods and process procedures for microelectronic devices
Mv Microvia technology creates a PC board via of <=150um (typically by non-mechanical means) and uses built-up multi-layer processes.
uBGA Micro Ball Grid Array package
uSMD Micro Surface Mount Device
Pb Lead
PWB Printed Wiring Board
RF Radio Frequency
S Level Wafer fabrication processing and quality requirements per MIL-PRF-38535
SCD Source Control Drawing
SEM Scanning Electron Micrograph
SiP System in a Package
SOC System on a Chip
SMD Surface-Mount Device
Sn Tin
SPC Statistical Process Control
TAB Tape Automated Bonding
Tape on Reel A high volume automated shipping method for automated assembly processing available on 7″ or 13″ reels
Tg Glass transition temperature
UBM Under Bump Metallurgy
UV Ultraviolet
Waffle Packs Plastic trays with individualized pockets designed for a specific die size
Wirebond A method for electrically connecting the die bond pad to the substrate trace typically using Au or Al bond wires
WL-CSP Wafer-Level Chip Scale Package
WLP Wafer-Level Packaging