Company Profile

Who is SemiDice?

Since our beginning in 1976 in a garage in Long Beach California of our founder, Jerry Flynt; SemiDice has had one goal: To provide specialty electronic components to circuit builders.

The need for a company such as SemiDice who can streamline the process of selling die for the semiconductor manufacturers and provide the level of service that is required by die users has not changed over the years. Our services have grown more extensive as device complexity and customer requirements have increased, however our goal remains the same:  We strive to fully satisfy our customer requirements every time.

To do this effectively, we have two divisions within SemiDice; one for standard products and one for High Reliability devices. This allows us to be very aggressive on pricing for high volume commercial/industrial applications and also provide the highest levels of testing and qualification for aerospace and life support applications where failure is not an option.

The SemiDice team members are talented, well trained individuals who are rewarded for their skill and dedication leading to an average tenure of 19 years of employment. We are experts at what we do.

Our capabilities include Source Control Drawing review, wafer probing, dicing and packaging of the individual die components, visual inspection, test sample packaging, lot acceptance testing, inventory management, and just-in-time delivery.

We also manage services like tin whisker mitigation and packaged part Lot Acceptance Testing and screening. Our customers trust us to fully understand their requirements and satisfy them each and every time.

If you have component requirements that are complex or out of the ordinary SemiDice has a historical track record unmatched by others.  We thrive on the difficult and challenging applications which translates into being the preferred global supplier of bare die components and wafer processing services.



  • SDI Founded in 1976 to serve the special needs of bare die users
  • Close relationships with major Semiconductor Manufacturers
  • Specialists in understanding the complex requirements of circuit builders
  • Standard products division for cost effective supply of commercial /industrial components
  • Hi Rel division for Military, Space, & Life Support applications
  • Well trained, long term employees (average >19 years)
  • Capabilities include SCD review, wafer probe, saw, die load, visual inspection, LAT’s, inventory management, JIT delivery and customized inventory programs


Please contact  SemiDice or call (562) 594-4631. We welcome the opportunity to support your requirements.