Vishay Electro-Films

Vishay Electro-Films is a leader in the manufacture of thin film components and networks on ceramic and silicon including resistors, capacitors, inductors, and microwave components, specialized in thin-film resistive products using tantalum nitride. Vishay Electro-Films products complement Vishay’s portfolio of Vishay Thin Film products and have further improved Vishay’s status as a global leader in thin film technology. Products branded Vishay Electro-Films include discrete resistors, resistor arrays, resistor networks, discrete capacitors, capacitor arrays, resistor/capacitor filter networks, and inductors. High quality, patterned thin-film substrates are produced in volume for both the hybrid circuit and microwave industries and these products are used in both military and industrial hybrid circuit applications.

Vishay Electro-Films expertise in engineering and manufacturing these products has evolved into the expertise necessary to engineer high-density multilayer products, flip chip, and ball grid array technologies and specific application-orientated devices. New to the range is a thin film back contact resistor chip which requires only one wire bond thus saving space; the second electrical connection is made through the back of the chip. The product has a smaller footprint than alternative configuration chip resistors and is ideal for hybrid packages.