IRC Advanced Film Division

IRC Advanced Film Division is located in Corpus Christi, Texas. The division was opened in 1975 and acquired by the TT Group PLC (now TT electronics, plc) in 1990.

The Company specializes in the application of various resistor film systems to substrate material to form resistors, sensors and other resistive type devices.

IRC’s Advanced Film Division is a leading supplier of thin and thick film resistive technologies on ceramic, silicon and metallized substrates for a wide range of applications. IRC’s proprietary TaNFilm® tantalum nitride thin film resistive elements provide the industry’s only “self-passivating” resistor material for ultra-stable performance in high reliability mission critical applications. IRC offers a range of thick film power and current sense resistors; high frequency resistors and attenuators characterized to 40GHz; and Anotherm® anodized aluminum substrates are used extensively for LED thermal management.

All product development, process development, and application engineering activities are accomplished in the Corpus Christi, Texas, USA facility. The 78,000 square foot plant houses state-of-the-art class 100-and class 1,000 clean rooms, modern highly automated processing equipment, large volume thin film deposition, and a new semiconductor lab for producing the Company’s TaNSil Tantalum Nitride on silicon products. Highly automated world-class equipment will keep IRC-AFD as cost-effective supplier of technology advanced products for years into the future.

IRC-AFD is certified to ISO9001 and QS9000

Product range

  • Precision thin film resistors and networks
  • Power thick film and current sense resistors
  • MIL-qualified precision resistors and networks
  • Wire-bondable chip resistors and networks
  • Anotherm® substrates for LED thermal management
  • Ball grid array resistor networks
  • RTD temperature sensors