Fairchild Semiconductor Corp


Fairchild Semiconductor International, the recognized founder of Silicon Valley reappeared on the industry scene in 1997 when the combined logic, non-volatile memory and discrete power and signal technologies businesses of National Semiconductor Corporation were purchased by private investors and launched as a new company.

Today, Fairchild is recognized for another distinctive characteristic: it is the world’s first company focused exclusively on the design and manufacture of high performance semiconductor products for multiple end markets, including computer, telecommunications, automotive, consumer and industrial applications. Fairchild offers the world’s largest portfolio of high performance multimarket products.

Over the years, Fairchild has captured worldwide attention for semiconductor innovation and manufacturing excellence that continues to this day. From industry-leading developments such as the FAST™ family of advanced Schottky TTL logic to the current ASSP EEPROMs, ACEx™ Microcontrollers, PowerTrench® and QFET™ MOSFETs, IGBTs, LCX and VHC technologies, Fairchild has captured the imagination of decades of design engineers and put it to work in exciting technologies that are shaping how our world interacts.

Fairchild’s commitment to innovation in products drives the continual expansion of a broad value added Analog and Mixed Signal product offering that covers Data Conversion, Analog Signal Processing, and Power Management. As a market leader in Power ICs, the Analog and Mixed Signal product line offers a full portfolio of components for high and low voltage applications as well as motor control.

The Interface and Logic group designs, develops, manufactures, and markets 53 unique families of standard logic and interface devices. Interface products include Fairchild Switch, Universal Serial Bus, GTLP, and the 1284 standard products. These devices support high-performance interface applications within the Internet hardware and wireless communications markets. The Interface and Logic product families utilize CMOS, BiCMOS and Bipolar production processes. Fairchild’s innovation in logic helped make the market what it is today. The Interface and Logic group is the world’s third largest supplier of standard logic products.

The Non-Volatile Memory group is a key supplier of standard EEPROMs, microcontrollers, and Application Specific Standard Products (ASSP) focusing on personal systems, communications and automotive applications. The core EEPROM in Fairchild’s ASSPs and microcontrollers allows customization, design flexibility, and quick time to market.

Fairchild also designs, develops, manufactures, and markets the most complete wall to board Power product portfolio in the industry. This portfolio includes low saturation fast switching as well as short circuit rugged IGBTs, and small ballast SIP-TR products. With its QFET and PowerTrench processes, Fairchild has taken a leadership position in high performance Power OSFETs, while the SuperSOT™ families have set new standards in miniature surface mount packaging.

Fairchild Semiconductor produces interface, logic, analog, mixed signal, power and non-volatile memory devices in world-class 4, 5 and 6-inch silicon wafer fabrication facilities in South Portland, West Jordan, and Puchon, South Korea with assembly and test plants in Cebu, the Philippines, and Penang, Malaysia. The South Portland site, Fairchild’s headquarters, has continuously manufactured semiconductors longer than any facility in the world and features a submicron class one 6-inch fab.

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DMOS: FSC has a number of FETs that are DMOS including these devices: FDV301N, FDV302P, FQPF9P25, etc.