Analog Devices

Analog Devices, Inc. (NYSE: ADI) is a world-leading semiconductor company specializing in high-performance analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (ICs). Since ADI was founded in 1965, its focus has been to solve the engineering challenges associated with signal processing in electronic equipment. ADI’s products play a fundamental role in converting real-world phenomena such as temperature, motion, pressure, light and sound into electrical signals to be used in a wide array of applications ranging from industrial process control, factory automation, radar systems and CAT scanners to cellular base stations, broadband modems, wireless telephones, computers, cars and digital cameras.

ADI’s unique value to its customers is its ability to overcome the seemingly insurmountable barriers of speed, accuracy and cost, to solve intricate engineering challenges and to create ICs – whether they are general-purpose or customized individual components – that enable portability, connectivity and multimedia. ADI designs, manufactures and markets high-performance, high-precision signal processing ICs that make pictures vibrant, voices clear, connections continuous and products portable.

ADI is a member of the Die Products Consortium (DPC), and the ADI die program extends to many applications, including automotive, communications, computers, consumer, industrial, military and aerospace. All die are 100% electrically tested and ADI provides full quality, reliability, failure analysis and applications support for all products. ADI also provides outstanding sales and service by delivering industry-leading specifications and technical support to end customers. The products in die form offer exceptional performance at high frequency/RF levels and are delivered in Surftape™ or waffle pack.